One powerful credential.



Akola Academy brought its model to Dallas in 2016 in order to serve women in crisis who live in the neighborhoods surrounding Akola’s headquarter office. The context may be different, but our mission remains the same. Women in crisis in Dallas face the many of the same challenges as those Uganda and most cannot find a way to progress their family into self-sufficiency.

With the rich network of nonprofits already serving women in crisis across the city, Akola Academy takes a collaborative approach to its work in Dallas. We partner with nonprofits across the city and the National Retail Federation’s RISEup program to connect women in crisis with living wage employment in the retail sector while ensuring that their holistic needs are met.


Akola Academy partners with nonprofits in Dallas that holistically serve women in crisis but need career pathways. Our partners refer women into Akola Academy, who then become “Members”.

Retail training & Coaching

Community volunteers train Members in Retail Fundamentals and provide coaching on job applications and interviewing.


Members take an exam, and earn a formal certificate in Retail Fundamentals through the National Retail Federation’s RISEup program, preparing them for a wide-range of retail careers.

holistic wellness & financial services

Akola Academy’s nonprofit partners provide holistic wellness services and financial literacy training and services to Members.

Designing Her Story

Members use the Akola Hope Journal to walk through Akola Academy’s keystone program where they personal visions, goals and becoming successful strategic planners.

guaranteed interviews

With thier credential, Members are guaranteed interviews at over five major national retailers.


Members enter the retail job market, with entry-level wages in Dallas averaging $11/hour, and over $15/hour within six months.