Akola Academy was born in Uganda, where the model is a three-year pathway of five programs that wrap-around manufacturing employment, using peer leaders to deliver all programs and training.

Akola Academy is currently available to all employees of Akola Jewelry, but our vision is to package and replicate our model in partnership with every manufacturer across East Africa.

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Akola Academy targets vulnerable women in crisis who have high numbers of dependents, low levels of education, and are below the poverty line. These women have great potential, but slip through the cracks and efforts of other nonprofits and social enterprise organizations. Once women are selected to join Akola Academy, they become “Members”.

Professional Skills Training

Members gain the basic skills they need to access living wage employment from our manufacturing employment partners.

Financial Literacy

Members set goals, build financial plans, and access a safe and accessible ways to save and borrow money through Akola Academy’s microfinance programs.

Holistic Wellness Services

Members access counseling, social support networks, health and wellness training and services, fellowship and discipleship programs.

Designing Her Story

Akola Academy’s keystone program where Members are guided by a peer trainer in setting personal visions, goals and becoming successful strategic planners.

Entrepreneurship Training

Members build business that leverage their income beyond the sustainability point (150% above the poverty line).


Members continue in their manufacturing roles, but now have all of the skills and resources they need to be holistically well and create desired change her herself, her family, and her community. As strong and equipped leaders, Members continue to support each other through self-led programs.