Akola Academy was first created in 2014 by Akola Project to serve Akola Members with hard and soft skills through programs and classes. In early days, through training, supporting and empowering women with living wage work and social service programs, Akola women were achieving success, but they wanted more. They wanted to develop the skills to plan for long-term self-sufficiency. Akola Academy then implemented a graduation model where women continue to be led in developing a plan to become self-sufficient from Akola altogether, and taught the skills to execute that plan successfully.

Akola Academy launched in 2019 as a new Texas nonprofit corporation, separate but related to Akola Project, and continues to empower women in crisis with social, spiritual and economic impacts through the existing manufacturing and retail industries. Akola Academy has developed a scalable and efficient suite of programs for lasting poverty alleviation, both locally and globally. We serve women in extreme vulnerability, too often labeled as “too hard to serve.”

Today, Akola Academy serves women who otherwise slip through the cracks of the efforts of other nonprofits, government services and social enterprises. Akola Academy is more than a group of programs that compliment Akola’s jewelry supply chain. Akola women are launching successful businesses and being offered jobs in the competitive job market. They are also becoming transformational leaders in their communities.

The Akola Academy model is a global solution for serving the most vulnerable women in crisis who have been forgotten for far too long. We are committed to thoughtfully replicating our model to serve as many women in crisis as possible.

Please join us in our mission!