TRANSFORMING THE manufacturing and retail industries into
a sustainable solution for transforming lives.

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Women in crisis spend each day struggling to meet the basic needs of their families. They slip through the cracks and have little hope for the future.


Akola Academy offers employment opportunities and holistic training in key areas, setting women on a pathway to self-sufficiency.


No one else addresses the unique needs of these women in a holistic way, preparing them to reach their potential and care for their families with confidence and hope.

The How:

Akola Academy provides programs and services that, when partnered with manufacturing or retail employment opportunities, move women from crisis to self-sufficiency, restore their hope, and unlock their potential. Our model turns existing systems into the solution for long-term sustainability.

The GOALs:

  1. For women in crisis to access living wage employment.

  2. Financial stability with households above the poverty line and all basic needs met.

  3. Long-term sustainability through diverse income channels and financial planning, pushing households 150% above the poverty line.

  4. Holistic restoration where women have high levels of self-esteem, hope, and an understanding of her God-given strength and potential.

  5. Agency: Akola Academy is building a community of women who know how to create lasting change at the individual, family and community level.